Skills Listing

As stated before I am a Jack of All Trades and I have many skills from different areas. Below is a small sampling of what I have experience doing. I learn quickly and am always looking to expand my skills and knowledge.


  • Analog and Digital mixers used for live and special events.
  • Basic audio manipulation for effects and to counteract negative effects from location.

  • Lights and lighting equipment used for live and special sound events

  • Intelligent lighting effects commonly used in live and special events.

  • Backstage techniques and procedures

  • Operation of different man lift machines (including mast, scissor, and boom)

  • Operation of different types of fork machines (including Tow-motor, Boom, Power Pallet Jack)

  • Ice Cut techniques and procedures

  • Electrical and data wiring and termination for event, residential and commercial.

  • Disc Jockey equipment and techniques.

  • Microsoft software and office programs.

  • Computer systems troubleshooting, both hardware and software.