Extended Skills

As stated before I am a Jack of All Trades and I have many skills from different areas. Below is a full list of ALL my skills, this makes for a long list! My experience in these fields range from beginner to professional. I learn quickly and am always looking to expand my skills and knowledge. If you have any questions about my skills and experience please contact me for more information.


  • Over 20 years working with the public in sales, marketing, and customer service

  • Operated 2 businesses (DJ/Event Services and Freelance Programming/Integrations)

  • Freelance full time since 2016 as A/V Integrator Show Control Programmer

  • Managed a seasonal retail store for 3 years

  • Managed multiple season attractions (many at the same time) over the course of 10 years

  • Supervised lifeguards in two different indoor water-parks including, at the time, America's Largest

  • Directly managed up to 30 employees (hiring, development, termination, and retention)

  • Indirectly managed upwards of 100 employees

  • Understanding of schedules, plan-o-grams, and displays in a retail environment

  • Understanding of accounting techniques around a small business

  • Understanding of marketing techniques around a small business

  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft software and office programs

  • Extensive knowledge of computer systems troubleshooting, both hardware and software

  • Extensive Experience designing and creating Show Documentation (SOPs, BOM, Repair Documents, Scheduling/Calendars, ect)

  • Experience with multiple inventory systems depending on scale, everything from Excel Sheets through Maximo

Technical Direction

  • Ability to analyze show art, concept and script to develop scope-of-work documentations

  • Able to provide detailed research in the identification of various technical solutions, manufacturers and qualified vendors for the various scopes of work

  • Ensure the production plans are based on efficiency, reliability and maintainability and support the project in an effective manner

  • Provide oversight in the production and fabrication efforts for projects

  • Effective in Time Management and Organization

  • Effective in Communication with stake holders as well as teams under my supervision

  • Effective in working with outside Vendors and Teams to ensure all scope is met in a timely and costly manor

  • Ensure consistent review and reporting of status to project teams and project management

  • Able to supervise build of all scenic, lighting, audio, automation, and SFX elements in a production

  • Comfortable with the preparation and control of production budgets; maintaining inventory and ordering specialized supplies

  • Comfortable and efficient in building schedules, both for Technicians and Projects as a whole

  • Experience with AutoCAD, Sketchup, and other Flow and CAD programs

  • Experience designing and monitoring safety hazard analysis and acceptance testing

  • Experience with diagrams and drawings for construction

Show Control

  • Multiple QSYS Control Certifications, both online and in person classes

  • Proficient in use and creation of API documents for communication with external devices

  • Proficient in Lua and Arduino (C++)

  • Other Programming languages, range from Intermediate to Proficient (HTML, XML, CSS, Flash, Basic, C++, Ladder Logic)

  • Proficient in Medialon Design and Programming

  • Proficient in technical planning, execution and quality assurance of technical operations both in Theater and Site Wide aspects

  • Able to handle both linear and non-linear programming

  • Experience designing, using, and programming Alcorn McBride (V4, V16, Binloop, Ride Player, ect) equipment

  • Experience with operation multiple PLC platforms (Allen Bradley, Click PLC)

  • Experience with QLab use and programming

  • Experience with SMPTE Time Code and it's use and transport (both over Analogue and Digital systems)

  • Alcorn McBride WinScript Advance Scripting Certified

  • Aware of and worked with Crestron and AMX systems

  • Control programming to Mosaic by ETC devices of multiple generations

  • Proficient in Linux distributions, Command Line and GUI Desktop (Raspbian and Ubuntu)


  • Analog and Digital mixers used for live and special events

  • Multiple QSYS certifications, both online and in person classes

  • Media Matrix, Dante, and Cobranet experience

  • Pre-planning and budget for audio systems installation

  • Audio Rigging and Installation hardware

  • 70 Volt systems design and installation

  • Basic audio manipulation for effects and room

  • Building racks for distribution and portability

  • Audio over Ethernet/IP system design and implementation

  • EQ and processing for DJ and distributed systems

  • Real Time Analyzer use

  • Solder and Build out of different cables for audio distribution

  • Computer and IP based audio distribution and processing (QSYS and Media Matrix)


  • Hang and focus of lights and equipment for live, architectural, and special events

  • DMX and Analog programming and use (ETC based systems)

  • Ability to use and create AutoCAD plots and designs

  • Landscape lighting design and implementation (low and high voltage)

  • Electrical and data wiring and termination (CAT5, COAX, Fiber, high and low voltage)

  • Generator and Feeder tie in and operation

  • Pre-planning and budget for architecture lighting system installation

  • Pharos and Mosaic Architectural controller programming

  • Basic ETC Element ION and EOS operation experience

  • Knowledge of LED operation and planning

  • Light-O-Rama - build, solder, programming, repair, and installation


  • Interlocking wall construction

  • Ability to read diagrams and drawings for construction

  • Basic and Intermediate carpentry skills

  • Operate different power tools including Driver, Circular Saw, Table Saw, Chop Saw, Angle Grinder, ect

  • Installation and removal of temporary staging and sets


  • Motorized Fly System and Revolve use and programming

  • Micro controller based systems installation and programming (Arduino, PLC, Raspberry Pi and Basic STAMP)

  • Electrical schematic reading and use

  • Variable frequency drives and servo controls

  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic control system design and installation

  • Soldering and de-soldering of components including SMD component

  • Control System Design and Installation

  • Diagnose, test, and debug complex equipment

  • Program, modify, and audit programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

  • Create and audit maintenance tasks, procedures, and logs, and maintain documentation of downtime and repairs

  • Build and implement improvements and fixes

Props / Scenery

  • Foam carving techniques

  • Basic carpentry for prop use

  • Fiberglass repair

  • UV Painting techniques – Invisible and Neon


  • Backstage techniques and procedures

  • Load in techniques and procedures – Box Pusher, Audio and Electrics load in

  • Ice Cut techniques and procedures

  • Use of motorized fly control during shows

  • Ground Rigging and Stage Setup

  • Rig curtains and scenery on traveler and stationary tracks


  • CCTV system design and implementation

  • Digital Signage design and installation

  • IP and Coax based systems

  • Green Screen lighting and use

  • Basic Keying techniques (using After Effects and Primate Keyer)

  • Basic After Effects use

  • Projection Mapping

  • Projector Installation, Repair, and Removal

  • Studio Camera Setup and Use

  • Virtual Reality systems and Headsets

  • Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, and custom haptic feedback hardware experience

Computers and IT

  • Computer and network installation and systems troubleshooting

  • CAT5 cable termination and installation

  • Fiber Optic cable termination and installation

  • FIS Fiber Optic Fusion Splice on Connector Installation Certification

  • Windows 9x though 11 use and troubleshooting

  • Windows Server 2000, 2012, and 2016

  • Cisco, Arubia, and Juniper networking equipment experience

  • Dell server hardware installation and use


  • Arduino build and programming

  • Raspberry PI build and programming

  • Product design, use, and modification

  • Custom Electronic and Enclosure design and construction

Makeup and Effects

  • Special makeup effects

  • Application of prosthetic on face and body

  • Airbrush knowledge and use

  • Knowledge on the use and difference of cake, powder, liquid, and cream makeups

  • Contact lens use and purchase Personal wearer of contact lenses

  • Hair coloring with temporary spray and airbrushes

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Operation and training of different man lift machines (including mast, scissor, and boom)

  • Operation and training of several types of fork machines (including truck, boom, pallet jacks (power))

  • Experience being trainer for AWP and Fork machines in a corporate and regional situations

  • Comfortable driving large box style trucks, including through major cities

  • Working at heights with Personal Protective Equipment

  • Valid Florida Driver's License

  • Valid US Passport

  • Former Lifeguard and CPR Certified (NASCO, Ellis, and Red Cross)

Certifications and Awards

  • Ben Franklin Career and Technical Education Center

    • Computer Operations and Support - 2002

  • Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park

    • Sound and Lighting Design Award - 2013

  • Ellis Fall Safety Solutions

    • Competent Person in Fall Protection - 2016

  • Fiber Instrument Sales

    • Fiber Optic Training Course - 2016

    • Advanced Fiber Optic Training Course - 2016

    • Cheetah Splice-on Connector Installation - 2016

  • ETC

    • Element Level 1 Training - 2018

  • BSS Audio Architect - 2017

  • QSC Audio

    • QSYS Level 1 Training - 2014

    • QSYS Level 2 Training - 2016

    • QSYS Control 101 - 2018

    • QSYS Control 201 - 2020

    • QSYS Video 101 - 2019